Guard Your Booty!
Phony Pirates Are Plundering Seafair Pirate Fans
Seattle, WA – November 20th 2015 –

Ahoy Greater Seattle!
   Reports have surfaced recently that someone has been soliciting donations in the name of the Seattle Seafair Pirates.
“This is very concerning to us.” said Keith Titus, President of the Ale & Quail Society, the business arm of the Pirate’s organization. “The Seafair Pirates support many local charities and the thought of someone pirating our name for their own personal gain is upsetting.”
   Local businesses have reported a caller asking for a financial contribution to support local charities in the name of the Seafair pirates. On other occasions, requests are made to set out a box for donations. The caller often makes statements suggesting that they are a Seafair Pirate themselves or in some way associated with the Pirates. In one instance, it was conveyed that the caller ID listed the call as coming from “SEAFAIR PIRATES”.
   If you are contacted by someone claiming to be associated with the Seattle Seafair Pirates asking you for money or any other form of contribution please contact the Pirates via email at or by phone at (206) 521-3300. You can also report the incident to the Washington State Attorney General's Office; (800) 551-4636 or online at
   The Seafair Pirates, an all-volunteer 501(c)(4) organization, originally banded together in 1949 in conjunction with the first Seafair to promote Seattle’s summer celebration. The Pirates make dozens of appearances annually at public events, hospitals, nursing homes and charity fund raisers. During the height of Seattle's SEAFAIR Celebration, they appear at several events and parades each day.

Press Contact:
Seattle Seafair Pirates
(206) 521-3300