The Seattle Seafair Pirates Official Web Site - Pirate Kings of the Northwest since 1949  It's a high-humored heist by the Seattle SEAFAIR Pirates. The salty troupe's shenanigans and formidable float, the Duck, have become synonymous with SEAFAIR revelry. The Pirates, originally members of the Washington State Press Club's Ale & Quail Society, banded together in 1949 to promote Seattle and Seafair while having fun and serving the community. Despite their bad-guy image, the Pirates make dozens of appearances annually to hospitals and nursing homes. During the height of Seattle's SEAFAIR Celebration, they appear at several events and parades each day.  The 40+ Pirates are an elite troupe who carefully selects their members based on their ability to mix well with the public and for their unique musical or theatrical talents.

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Seattle Seafair Pirates
Summer 2014 Schedule

Event details and dates subject to change.
Please check back often.




Friday July 18th

7:00 PM

Lookout Seattle! The Pirates are taking over Seattle starting tonight!
We'll be kicking things off with the best pizza in Seattle courtesy of our
good friends at Northlake Tavern Pizza!
Located under the I-5 ship canal bridge on the north shore of Lake Union;
660 NE Northlake Way
  9:00 PMish Can the Pirates sing? Anything other than sea chanteys?
We'll find out when we join master DJ Eric Musehl for Friday Night Tarasco Karaoke.
Tarasco Mexican Restaurant
1452 NW 70th St Seattle, WA
  10:00 PM - ??? Cruisin' downtown Seattle
You never can  tell where we might show up.
Keep your eyes and ears open for us!
Follow us on Twitter or Facebook for live updates!
Saturday July 19th 8:00 AM Private pre-parade breakfast with some of our oldest, dearest fans at a
West Seattle assisted living center.
  11:00 AM West Seattle HiYu Parade
California Ave SW from Lander St to Edmonds St
  2:00 PM Visiting with more of our favorite fans; distinguished, retired West Seattle residents
  4:30 PM A visit with some of our golden fans in Des Moines
  6:00 PM Des Moines Waterland Grand Parade
Downtown Des Moines along Marine View Dr S
  Post Parade Pillaging and Plundering Des Moines!
Come  find us!
(Hint: We're the ones with the pirate ship!)
Sunday July 20th 12:00 Noon Warming up for tonight's parade with a little Dim Sum in the International District!
  2:00 PM Private Party
(We've got to pay our bills somehow. Pirating ain't near as lucrative as it used to be!)
  5:00 PM Bon Odori
Bon Odori is a centuries old Japanese Buddhist festival which celebrates and honors the lives of deceased family and friends. The Buddhists consider this a happy time as they remember the contributions of those who came before us with a deep sense of gratitude. All are welcome to join in the dancing, which is why the Pirates attend this event every Seafair. You may not have know this, but Seafair Pirates are awesome dancers!
  7:00 PM Chinatown Seafair Parade
Seattle International District
The is one of the most colorful of the neighborhood Seafair parades. It features lion and dragon dances, martial arts, the Seattle Chinese Girls Drill Team, and many more local community groups from the Greater Seattle area. Oh, and did I mention there are Pirates?!
  9:00 PM Dinner in the International District
(Pirates work up a good appetite running a parade!)
  Post Dinner Pillaging & Plundering in Seattle?
Anything exciting to do in the Emerald City on a hot summer's (Sunday) night?
Tweet or email your suggestions to us!!!
Monday July 21st Free Day
(Not to be confused with a "Get out of jail free" card!)
(exact time TBD)
Captain's Choice
(Heaven help us all!)
Tuesday July 22nd 10:00 AM Children's Hospital
A visit with some of our youngest, most special fans!
  1:30 PM Lunch meeting with a prospective business partner
  9:00 PMish More pillaging and plundering
(Some things never get old!)
Wednesday July 23rd 11:00 AM Pike Place Market Walk
Strolling the market in search of giant crabs!
  12:00 Noon Lunch
(location TBD)
  3:30 PM A visit with some of our golden fans at an assisted living residence in Greenwood.
  4:00 PM Dinner
Pirates go fishing!
Greenlake Spuds
  6:00 PM Greenwood Parade
This is the oldest neighborhood Seafair sanctioned parade in the region with over 100 entrants and a Seafair Pirate favorite! This year's theme is "Touchdown Greenwood" with Blitz from the Seattle Seahawks as the Grand Marshal!
  Post Parade Refreshments at Baranof on Greenwood
Pirating is hard work! We must stay hydrated!
Thursday July 24th 10:30 AM Fircrest Parade
  11:30 AM BBQ Lunch
A Shoreline assisted living center
  1:30 PM Ronald McDonald House visit
  6:00 PM Davy Jones Banquet
Pirates from Seafairs past join the current crew for dinner, share stories and honor our hard working members.
  10:00 PM Pirates take over <insert randomly chosen Seattle neighborhood>!
(exact location TBD)
Friday July 25th 11:30 AM Walking the waterfront
Seattle waterfront
  12:00 Noon Lunch
Ivars Acres of Clams
Seattle waterfront
  7:00 PM Tour de Terrace Parade
Another Seafair Pirate favorite!
Mountlake Terrace
starts at 58th & 232nd SW
  Post Parade Tour de Terrace Parade
Participating in the Tour de Terrace makes pirates and  spectators thirsty. Come join us and quench your parched throat in the Beer Garden sponsored and operated by Big E Ales!
  10:00 PM TBD
Saturday July 26th 10:00 AM Renton River Days Parade
Another  great  Seafair sanctioned community parade!
Spectators can line South 3rd St from Shattuck Ave to Liberty Park
  Post Parade Seafair Pirates Seafair Clowns Detente 2
Pirates and clowns getting together in the same room? To negotiate an extension to their peace treaty? To further their master plan of world domination? Naaaaaaaahhh! Just a couple of Seafair families getting together to break bread, compare notes and have a few laughs.
  4:00 PM Dinner
Belltown Pub
Fueling up for tonight's big show!
  7:00 PM Alaska Airlines Seafair Torchlight Parade
This is it! The grand finale of our week of revelry! Come out and join your Seattle neighbors for one of the largest nighttime parades in the country!
Sunday July 27th TBD Kirkland Car Show
Details coming soon!
Tuesday July 29th TBD Navy Chiefs and  Officers Party
We'll be crashing the US Navy's party and trying to convince some of their best officers to change teams!
Saturday August 2nd TBD Magnolia Parade
  TBD Seafair Hydro Pits
  TBD Lake City Pioneer Days Parade
Sunday August 3rd All Day Seafair Hydro Races
Genesee Park


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