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Seafair Pirates Plundered

October 12, 2007

Usually pirates do the plundering, but this time they're the ones who've been plundered.

Metal thieves sailed off with the the Seafair Pirate ship's decorative cannons and the buckaneers want them back.

X marks the spot where six decorative cannons once adorned the Moby Duck.

That was before metal thieves broke into a Sodo warehouse where the vessel was stored and sailed off with what they thought was a real treasure.

"they're gold plated steel, you can't get the gold plating off so it's not worth anything to anyone...steel is not worth much," say Bruce "Bad Brew" Stevenson, a Seafair Pirate.

But to these buckaneers, the decorative barrels are worth a lot.

They're part of the Moby Ducks history and part of the fun for the crowds.

"What did you feel when you heard this story? They did that to the Pirates?" says Mark "Keelhaul" Jensen. "I think that's how most of our audience would feel."

And replacing the cannons will cost the pirates plenty of booty.

"I's kind of ridiculous to say we've gotta spend 36-hundred dollars doing this. We'd rather send that money to our Christmas basket program or toys for kids or whatnot," says Jensen.

Pretty frustrating for a pirate.

"It makes a pirate say aaar, it does!" says Stevenson.

"We'd like to take 'em on a parade or two...behind the duck!" says Jensen.

But as angry as they are, these pirates promise, if they can just get their cannon barrels back, the won't even make the crooks walk the plank...well, maybe.

"I'd have a little fun before we took 'em swimmin'," says Stevenson.

If you know anything about the stolen decorations, the pirates would really like your help. They're asking you to call Seattle Police with any information that can help them get the Moby Duck shipshape once again.

Copyright 2007, KCPQ